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See with own eyes!

A. America and the world are watching!

1. Watching protests for the gruesome death of Mr. George Floyd!

2. Watch Mr. George Floyd life unfolding!

B. Please also watch the important message in the Bible:

*** Save yourselves from this corrupt generation! Ac.2:40

1. Mr. Floyd grew up in a place that was fisted with poverty, drugs, gangs and violence… 

2. In his high school years he did try to stay out of trouble and help others to do the same!

3. He was tall, big and strong.  He played basketball and football very well!

    He could be playing with LeBron James in basketball, playing football with Tom Brady!

4. Why did he end up using a fake $20 died a gruesome death May 25, 2020 at age 46!

C. After high school he went to South Florida State University for college education!

1. Then he went to Texas A & M 2 years and left college without a degree!

2. He was back in his fisted with poverty, drugs, gangs and violence place to live!

3. He joined the work of a church -- Fountain of Praise Church in Houston!

    He was active and very helpful to that church!  He set chairs for meeting, wash baptism pool….

4. Involved in many church programs!  He had a Bible by his bed!

5. The report said his next ten years life was full of criminal activities!

    That include rubbed a pregnant woman at gun point in her home!

6. He died a gruesome death that stir up these protests all over America!

D. So far I did not find others came up with reason!

1. By his using a fake $20 to buy cigarette!

2. I am sure Fountain of Praise Church did not teach him this!

3. His old self revived in him!

    Denomination church has a thing called dedicate your life to Christ!

4. He did not obey 1Cor.6:12! – I will not be mastered by anything!

    He was mastered by cigarette smoking!

    Like I saw man rushed out from church building to smoke cigarette outside!

5. He was a Jesus believer in mouth only in this!

6. He did not obey Eph.4:28! – He who has been stealing must steal no longer.  But must work,

    doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need!

7. Some may argue, but this is during Covid-19 locked down!  He lost his job!...

    Go on internet and look up what kind of church is Fountain of Praise Church!  You will say no more!

8. He may have helped saved others, but he lost himself!

E. Similarities in the way Mr. Floyd and I grew up!

1. He grew up in one of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods without a father.

    I grew up in one of H.K. poorest neighborhoods without a father.

2. Life in his neighborhoods was poverty, drugs, gangs and violence…

3. Many young people did not live past 20s!  I thought 50 would be very long life!

4. He was determined to help other young people out of troubles.

5. Dedicated to help do church works, placing chairs for meeting, wash baptism pool…

F. Differences in the way he and I live!

1. In H.K. starting from elementary tuition was required!  In Houston his education was all free!

2. I love to be in college!  I desired to read all books in college library!

3. He was large and strong.  I was described to be as thin as a monkey!

4. In his 20s after college he engaged 10 years long criminal activities!

    Which included robbed a pregnant woman in gun point in her home!

    In my 20s I was a math teacher holding a Bible sharing Bible truth!

5. He was a dedicated Fountain of Praise Church member in Houston!

    I was a dedicated preacher in church of Christ in Hong Kong!

    Then I came to America since!

6. I am determined to obey 1 Peter 4:11 and Eph.4:28 plus a lot more other scriptures!

7. My life is to help make the world better!  I pray all others do the same!

G. Conclusion:

     All lives matter!  Justice for all!  America is an IN GOD WE TRUST nation!  God bless America!

May God grant us good health and peace!  Preach this June 14, 2020.



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