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Covid-19 death toll! What does it say?

Experts begin to research why NYC Covid-19 death tolls are so much higher?

A. Many reasons explored!

1. A super spreader just north of the City!   2. Density of living!    3. Virus brought into City from Europe!

4. California death rate much lower because their virus from China!

5. Please go on internet read it yourself!

B. Forget about death tolls in Beijing!

1. People may say I can be prejudice about Beijing!

2. People say they always report much lower…

3. Population in NYC is 8 million death tolls are 16410 as of May 29, 2020.

4. Hong Kong population is about the same death tolls are 4 as of May 29, 2020.

***Yes, they said Hong Kong is under China!  They do not report true number!

    How can be so much less people die of Covid-19 in Hong Kong?

    Their living density is much higher than NYC!

    Just look at the high rises!  If one infected got into elevator, hall way… O.K. let us forget about H.K. also!

5. Let’s talk about New Delhi India!  Population is 22 million!  Almost three times as NYC!

    Our president Trump recently visited embraced their president!

    Does anyone like to talk about density of people living in compare to NYC?

    As of May 29, 2020, their death toll is 316!

    Please think: 8 million people 16410 deaths. 22 million 316 deaths!

***As a nation US death tolls are 103330.  India with 1300 million people death tolls are 4771.

6. Death tolls in UK 37837, Italy 33142, France 28662, Spain 27119, Brazil 26764…

    Please compare to what happened in Vietnam, India, Singapore, Malaysia, …

    Yes, forget about China, we can’t trust their report!

7. Research experts are writing about why much more death tolls in Western nations!

    In compare to nations in Asia, to nations in Europe, North and South America!

    Covid-19 death tolls are much higher in Europe and North and South America!

8. So far, no report comes out with meaningful sense!

C. Here is the 99.9% scientific statistic fitted reason --> Religion!

1. Covid-19 death tolls are much higher in nations where people have Jesus in mouth!

    But people do things against what Jesus said!

2. Let there be no denomination among Jesus believers!  What do they do?  You say it!

3. Let there be no divorce!  What do they do?  You say it!

4. Lend to others and do not expect paying back!  What do they do?  You say it!

5. Let there be no fornication!  What do they do? You say it!

6. Love your enemies and do good to them that hate you!  What do they do?  You say it!

7. The Lord added the saved into church of Christ!  What church do they go?  You say it!

8. Call no man your Father on earth!  What do they do?  You say it!

9. Do not forsake to worship God on Sunday!  What do they do?  You say it!

10. I said from the beginning!  God is angry!

***Expect research experts to tell you these?  Don’t be dumb!

D. Think about what Jesus said in Luke 6:46!

1. Think about Italy!  They have a “Holy Father”! Matt.23:9

2. Their Population is 60 million!  Covid-19 death toll is 33142 as of May 29, 2020.

3. India population is 1.3 billion!  Covid-19 death toll is 4771 as of May 29, 2020.

4. Think about New Delhi their population is 22 million, death toll is 316.

5. Think about NYC population is 8 million, death toll is 16410!

6. Check out church buildings in NYC and New Delhi then you know why!

7. People in India rather worship cow and roaches than call Jesus, Lord!

    May be because they worship virus and Covid-19 pass them by?

8. Yes, Hong Kong is where I grew up!  95% worship idols!  Their death toll is 4!

E. Think about what I often said:

    If you do not do what Jesus say, do not say: I believe Jesus!

    Say I believe Jesus but do things against what Jesus said is greater evil!

    Check this out in Matt.23:13-15!

    Yes, worship cow and bugs is bad!  But believe Jesus in mouth only is much worse!

***Remedy: Believe Jesus in heart, do what Jesus said, worship in church of Christ!

May God have mercy on us all!   Preach this June 7, 2020!



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