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Reach out to save souls!

Article written to Tini, a Baptist denominational church worshiper!

Has been a long time get to discuss with a truth seeker!

Recently I told an American friend whom I know more than 50 years.

50 years ago in Hong Kong we preached the gospel together!

50 years ago in Hong Kong when I told a Baptist person: You do not believe according to the Bible!

He jumped up and challenged me to study with their church pastor!

As a result some become church of Christ!

50 years ago to idol worshipers we used Acts chapter 17, Jn.4:24, Lev.10:1-3, many were baptized!


This American friend came back to America living in small town!

He for many years trying to help a Baptist young lady!  He adopted her as daughter.  She likes it too!

On Sunday this young lady insists to worship with the Baptist!

He and his wife and children worship with church of Christ!


Later, I wrote him saying that he disobeyed 2Jn.1:9-11.  Disobey Ro.16:16-18, disobey Titus 3:10-11!

He was not happy about what I told him!


In this world we can divide people into three major groups:

No God believer, idol worshipper, Christianity believers include Roman Catholic Church)!

Christianity people are determined to aggravate God to death!

1. Clearly there is one God who made everything....) Ac.17:26-27

    These people willfully not to use their common sense! Ro.1:18-20

2. God is Spirit! Idol worshipper made objects....

3. Christianity (so call Jesus believers) determined to do things God did not command!

    Yes, do not let me forget this one! There is a few of us!

    We believe Jesus according to the Bible!  Too bad we are not a major group!


From the numbers of people Covid-19 killed, we see God is angry!  God is angry with all of them!

Somehow God is angry pop up on my thinking screen since Covid-19 started!

Up to April 8, 2020 number of people died by Covid-19:

China with 1402Million people 3333 death!

Italy with   66Million people 16352 death!

Don't they have "holy father"?  Why is devoted "God" believers died so many more!?

Spain with 46.66Million people 13055 death!  Why is it "God" worshippers died so many more!

Believe no "God" is much better than those believe God not Bible way!

The name Holy Father is direct against God. Matt.23:9

Christianity preachers with REV printed on their name cards also! .... Ps.111:9

Western people "believe" Jesus for hundreds of years!  But they still do not know what Bible says!

Chinese believers respect these blind Western Bible experts as teachers!

They have many English translation Bibles, the most popular one is the NIV Bible!

In my study, so far, all English Bible changed the meaning in John 8:31!

Yes, the NIV claimed to have 115 Bible experts worked 10 years together for the Bible!

But, even the Solid Rock Baptist Church pastor knows the NIV is Satan’s master piece!

The Baptist church you and friends are worshiping may use this Bible too!  Tragic!

I know some American church of Christ use this Bible too! Horrible!

You may invite a few friends for tea and ask worship in Baptist Church about this!

See you can find one, who knows the word divisive in Titus 3:10-11 and 1Cor.1:10 is denomination!

Divisive was an expression in hundreds of years ago for denomination! These two are synonym words!






There is one item in their Sunday worship that aggravated God so much!

Heb.13:15 say offer sacrifice of praises using fruits of the lips!

Watch what they do every Sunday in their praises to God!

They offer fruits of their lips plus so much more which God did not command! Lev.10:1-3


Now let us analyze John 3:31-32

1. To the having believed Jews.

2. Jesus said: If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples. (Saved person!)

3. Then you will know the truth.

4. And the truth will make you free.


Now ask “Jesus believers” in that Baptist church to see if you can find one who knows!

What is wrong in John 8:31!

It would be wonderful, if you can ask the one who preach on the pulpit!

In American church after preaching many would walk up to say hello to the preacher!

To see if he knows what is wrong in John 8:31!

I think, you cannot even find one!  If you can find one, it would be wonderful!


According to John 8:31-32, anyone does not know what’s wrong in John 8:31.

This person is not a truly Jesus believer. He or she is not a saved person!

Otherwise Jesus was wrong!

Jesus said, true disciples will know the truth! 

Then they have to know the truth, if they are saved!

The fact is in front of us! We know the truth!

Why don’t they know!  They change the Bible!


Chinese Jesus believers are in worse situation!

They missed translate even John 3:16!

Korea are even worse than Chinese!  Because Korea Bible was translated from Chinese Bible!

The most tragic is this one!

English Bible translated John 3:16 correctly.

But so far not one English Bible preachers correctly preach on John 3:16!

(Go on Google type xilepingan, click search, English version on how to preach Jn.3:16 show up!)


If we think Covid-19 is natural disaster, then, God is angry!

God is angrier with “Jesus believer” much more than He is angry with no God believers!

Just see China with 1402 million died 3333.  Italy with 66 million died 16352! As of April 6, 2020.


Covid-19 may bring you and family salvation! 

Yes, do you know each person has 3 lives?  Study 1Thes.5:23, Ecc.12:7, James 2:26, Luke 16:22-23

You are very blessed!

May the Lord help you to keep this love for the truth in the Bible!


Yes, please stay healthy!  Stay home to help save lives!

John Chan, Written April 9, 2020.

I post this on web, so all my English speaking brethren can learn to help reach out to save lost souls!

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