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Believe Jesus but not in church of Christ?  Commit more sins!  (2)

Thank God, perfect timing!

April 14, 2019 Sunday afternoon 2-4 p.m.  No one came at 2 p.m.  So I study Bible myself!

2:30 p.m. a young man show up! He came with a note book!

As I remember this is his 3rd time!  I said: So nice to see you!  You came at the right time!

He said: Why?  I said because recently I am studying a sermon on:

Believe Jesus but not in church of Christ?  Commit more sins!

You came just in time to help me count these sins!

A. So what church did you worship with this morning? A Baptist Church!

1. Is the name Baptist Church in the Bible?  No!  I taught him the first time to answer this!

2. I said: But you chose to be a part of them this morning!

3. Write down the scriptures then read!  Luke 8:11!

4. I ask: What does it says to you?

    Preaching is like farmer sowing seed!  The seed is God's word!

    Perfect understanding!  I wish I can stand up to hug him!

5. I said: Now read the second half of Ro.16:16!  He read!

    Then I asked: Now combine these two scriptures together what do you get?

    If you preach God's word you get churches of Christ!  Again perfect understanding!

6. To get a Baptist Church what you have to preach?  Have to be different from God’s word!

    NIV Bible says people do this will be eternally condemned! Gal.1:8

7. But this morning you participated in that church!  You are in big trouble!

B. Do you know what sin you committed?  Please tell me!

1. Read 2 Jn.1:9-11!  You share their wicked work!

2. You and they both claimed believe Jesus according to what Bible says!

    Both claims are lies!  These are two sins!

    How do you count?  You lied to yourself and to others!

3. Do you know Baptist Church says they are a denomination church?

    Read Titus 3:10-11--> Denomination is warped, sinful and self-condemned!

4. This one he knew!  The first time he came I told him and he remember!

    This morning you participated in denomination!

5. Did you give money to that church?  Yes!

    This is another sin!  You support warped, sinful and self-condemned teaching!

6. Did you eat the Lord's Supper this morning? No.

    They only have Lord's Supper on first Sunday of the month!

    Do you know what sin is this?  No!  Read Acts 20:7 then read Heb.10:29!

    You trampled the Son of God under foot. You treated the blood of Christ as unholy.

    And you insulted the Holy Spirit!

C. At this he asked: You mean I committed more sins than an unbeliever?

1. I said: If you were an unbeliever this morning you would not commit these sins!

2. You may still try to catch up with your sleeping in bed!  He was speechless!

3. Remember my sermon subject?  Believe Jesus but not in church of Christ?  Commit more sins!

4. By participate with church that is not church of Christ you commit many sins!

D. Last time I taught you John 8:31-32!

1. You didn’t care to test people in same church with you!

2. You didn’t care to help them to know the truth!

3. These clearly show that you never believe Jesus!

4. Go to a church of Christ start all over! Stop lie to yourself and to others!

5. Please have mercy do not be the kind of people in Matt.23:13!

6. Please do not be like people in Matt.23:15!

E. He still wants to know more in the Bible!

1. I said if you come to church of Christ, eventually you will know!

2. If you are not in church of Christ what is the point! 

F. Conclusion:

You can be a part of the body of Christ you choose to be a part of Satan! Ro.12:4-5, Eph.1:22-23 

This alone would prove you never really believe Jesus! Jn.10:27-28

Written April 17, 2019.

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