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Bible knowledge test! 1

1. Adam was created to be a __________ _____. Gen.2:7

2. If you do not believe Jesus is the _______ you will die in ____? John 8:24

3. What are the components of a human? 1Thes.5:23

4. Which part of human is responsible for sin? Eze.18:20

5. If a man died in sin what happen to him? Lk.16:23

6. Why the name Jesus was given? Matt.1:21

7. Explain Matt.5:3!

8. What is the answer to believe Jesus? Acts 19:4-5

9. Do you know how to read John 3:15 and 3:16?

10. What is wrong with Chinese translation in John 3:16?

11. Why Jesus said to the believing Jews: You do not believe me? Jn.8:45

12. Why Jesus said these believing Jews belong to Satan? Jn.8:44

13. At dead of the body where goes the spirit? Ecc.12:7

14. At dead of the body where it goes? Ecc.12:7

15. Why each human has a spirit? James 1:26

16. Faith in salvation of the soul is perfected at the time of ______ __________.

17. How do sinners save themselves? Ac.2:40-42

18. Salvation of the soul is by a new and living way!

      Explain: Heb.10:20, Ac.2:47, Eph.1:22-23, Ro.16:16, Matt.16:18-19

19. Where can sinners find eternal life for their souls? Ro.6:23

20. How can sinners get into Christ? Gal.3:27

21. Why did the believing Jews seek to kill Jesus? Jn.8:37,40

22. Why did the believing Jews tried to stone Jesus? Jn.8:59

23. Who added the saved into the church? Ac.2:47

24. Come up a brief message in Matt.13:10-11 and Jn.8:31-32.

25. Messages from Joel 2:32, Acts 2:21, Romans 10:13.

26. Explain Matt.12:8!

27. How do we know to worship God on Sunday? Acts 2:1, 20:7

28. Why did many weak, sick and dead? 1Cor.11:28-30

29. Why forsake Sunday worship is trampled Christ under foot?   He.10:29

 30. Explain Matt.5:17-20!

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