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Believe Jesus? What good is it?

A. Instantly you have a happy family!

1. About 40 years ago I tried to convince a young man to believe Jesus!

2. He said: Believe Jesus so I can go to heaven after I died, right?

3. I cannot see heaven!  It is after I died!  I can be deceived eternally!

4. Like eating instant noodle. All I need is a pot of hot water and noodle!  Instantly I got noodle to eat!

5. Can you do this?  I said: Yes, you can!

    A family with father, wife and children!

    One day together decided to believe Jesus according to what Bible says!

6. Instantly, we have a happy family!  But I still failed to lead him to Christ!

B. Tragic! Unbelievers like to see this!

1. In Florida father John, mother Mary, 30 years old son Joseph, 26 years old son James.

2. Everyone in this family with name from Bible!  Looks very religious!

3. But this happened Dec. 16, 2018!

    Early Sunday morning Joseph and James drink wine and play pool!

4. A fight broke out.  Joseph’s arms locked James throat. James can’t breathe!

    Father John shouted for Joseph to let go!  Joseph refused! 

    At the same time Mary called police: Two young men fiercely fighting!

    Before police came, Mary called again, John shot Joseph. Joseph dead!

    Police came!  Everything is legal!  Only leave the father broken hearted!

5. People wrongly think: This happened in such a religious family!

    Believe Jesus? What good is it?! (Fatal mistake!)

C. The whole world needs to wake up!

1. If this family were members of church of Christ!

2. Church of Christ believes Jesus according to what Bible says!

3. First of all, early Sunday morning absolutely not play pool!

4. They will never even drink wine!

5. Early Sunday morning all of them wash face, dress up, head for church worship!

6. Florida, America and the world would still have this happy family!

7. Believe Jesus this tragic never happen!

    Still want to ask: Believe Jesus? What good is it?

D. One American idea family!

1. A father with wife and 16 years old son all healthy!

2. Walking three blocks away from this church building!

    The father killed his wife and son with knife then himself!

3. News reported they were regular church goers of a denomination church!

4. People wrongly say: See, believe Jesus go to church?! What good is it?!

    Many church goers, behaved worse than non-believers! These people deceived by Satan!

5. Normally people should investigate then say!

    Denomination church is warped, sinful and self-condemned! Titus 3:10-11

    Smart people will say: Denomination church believe Jesus? What good is it!?

    Believe Jesus cannot have denomination church! 1Cor.1:10

6. People must check to see are they members of the church of Christ?

7. Jesus had said some Jews believers were children of Satan! Jn.8:31-44

    Do not know what says in the Bible!  Always say wrong things!

8. Let the world know assuredly, not in church of Christ cannot know Bible truth!

E. Conclusion:  Still, there are these evils!

1. 2017 in America 480,000 people died smoking related matters!

    Believe Jesus never smoke!  America each year saves 480,000 people!

    Believe Jesus? What good is it!?  This is the good!

2. 2017 in America each day 130 people died over OPIOID!

    Believe Jesus, this will never happen! America saves 177,450 people each year!

    Believe Jesus? What good is it?!  This is the good!

3. Do I need to say more?

    How about evils likeà murder, suicide, drunk driving, gambling, fornication…

4. Believe Jesus all these evils never happen!

    Believe Jesus what good is it?  These much good!

5. Now, can good people refuse to believe Jesus?

May the Lord have mercy on us!  Preach this December 30, 2018.



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