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One way to verify a true disciple of Christ.


Let no false teacher run away from this!  Main scriptures for this study: John 8:31-32

To the Jews that had believed him, Jesus said:

If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples. Jn.8:31

Then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. Jn.8:32

This article will study only this phrase--> True disciples know the truth.


Here are a few simple truths in this passage of John 8:31-59!

A. Quietly, kindly and humbly ask the teacher:

1. Do you know there is something wrong in Jn.8:31 in your English Bible?

2. You do not care whatever English Bible he uses!

3. If he does not know this, he may not be a true disciple!

4. Be lovingly gives him a chance to study and find out!

5. May be God will give him a chance to know so he can be saved!

The secret: The original text is having believed, not had believed or believed!

***Remember: Do not tell your teacher, let him find that out from God!

(If he has been a true disciple, he has to know this!)

Why do you think God let me know!  No human tell me this!


B. Ask him: Why these had believed Jews want to kill Jesus? Jn.8:37, 40.

1. Some false disciples may explain by saying, these Jews had believed Jesus!

2. Had means in the past!  At the time they had become not believed!

3. This is why…. They may tell a few stories for example!

4. At this you should exercise patience to give him as much time as he want!

5. The more he tried, the more you know he try to fool you!

6. The more he tried, the more you know Satan had control over him!

The secret: Matt.16:13-18.  Remember, do not tell him this!

Do not rob him of the opportunity to find it out from God himself!

Why do you think God let me know!  No human tell me this!


C. Why Jesus said these had believed Jews do not believe him? Jn.8:45


D. Ask him: Why these had believed Jews pick up stones to stone Jesus? Jn.8:59

The secret: Link up Matt.16:13-18 and Matt.23:37.  God granted me to know these!


If the church you and your teacher both attend do not have the name church of Christ.

Ask him: Is the name of this church in the Bible? 

If he does not answer with a single “no”!  Ask him to read Matt.5:37. 

Then you are absolutely assured the teacher is not a true disciple of Christ!


My most loving advice:

For the sake of your own soul you owe it to yourself to verify the teacher!

No matter if he is your own father on this earth!

If you don’t do this, be ready to be in hell with your beloved teacher!


Here is another wonderful scripture the teacher may not know! 

Verify for the sake of your soul’s salvation!


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs are the kingdom of heaven. Matt.5:3

One secret hint just for you only!  Remember do not tell the teacher.

Let him find it from God!  No human told me this!  God granted me to know!

In original text, it is destitute in the soul in New Testament knowledge!

Plus strong desire to seek and find it!  Thank God, kingdom of heaven belongs to these people!


The best example I can come up is a new born baby!

His stomach is empty!  He cries to be fed!

When a soul felt the emptiness in New Testament knowledge he craves to have it!

Naturally, kingdom of heaven belongs to this kind of people!



Blessed are they that receive this message and do accordingly!

For theirs are the kingdom of heaven!

Good luck may God bless you and keep you always!


Sincerely in the Lord’s work, John Chan.  Written October 3, 2018.

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