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Total disaster!

This thing calls believe Jesus is a total disaster!

A. 40 years ago I met a computer engineer!

1. He and his wife were both devoted Jesus believers!

2. To the point they and their children attend church worship every Sunday!

3. Each Wednesday they prepare a meal invite people to eat with them!

4. Afterward have two hours Bible study!

5. Their salvation plan is Eph.2:8-9--> Faith alone save you!

6. They refuse to acknowledge Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38 and 22:16!

7. Certainly I failed to help them!  They still belong to the same church with name not in Bible!

B. Recently I met a retired computer engineer!

1. He is a devoted Jesus’ believer!

2. Devoted to the point he is teaching the book of Revelation in his church!

3. I asked: Believe Jesus save what?

    He said: Spirit and soul!

4. I asked: Do you know what is a human?

    He was stun!  Thinking never heard such a question!

    I did not want to shock him too much!

5. I asked: Do you know each person has 3 lives?

    I do not know!  What are those 3 lives?

6. Total disaster!  A Bible teacher trying to save spirit and soul!

    He does not even know which is to be saved!

C. Yesterday I called him on the phone! August 23, 2018.

You are teaching the book of Revelation I like to ask you a few question about chapter 20:1-6.

1. Do you know what is the key to the Abyss?  I do not know!

2. Do you know what is the great chain?  I do not know!

3. Do you know what is 1000 years kingdom?

    Yes, it is the 1000 years great joy kingdom at the end of the world!

4. Do you know what is the first resurrection?

    At the end when Jesus comes back to build the 1000 year kingdom?

5. Do you know who will reign with Christ for a 1000 years?

    The resurrected saved people! Who are those resurrected people?

6. Do you know how they reign with Christ?  I do not know!

7. Do you know when is that period of 1000 years time?  I do not know!

8. All his answers were either I do not know or not sure!

D. As I can see it is a total disaster!

1. Computer engineers are highly respected smart people!

2. When they teach, listeners blindly follow!

3. People’ minds are set into ‘my pastor said it’!

4. Click then click one of my preaching video!

    You see at the right hand side lots of other people are preaching too!

    Ask all of them and see how many in the same situation!

E. Now come back to the church where I am preaching!

1. I preached all the above with clear scriptures!

2. We have Bible study Wednesday, Friday, Sunday afternoon and other days!

3. How many attending?  Not many?

4. Ask those had been here 30, 20, 10, 5 or 1 years!

    Do they know what is the different between Ro.10:9 and Acts 2:38?

Conclusion:  It is almost also a total disaster!

May the Lord have mercy!  Written August 24, 2018.

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