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Is the name of your church in the Bible?

From these scriptures you know the name of the church in the Bible is church of Christ!

A. Matt.16:13-18 

1. Jesus is the Christ.

2. Jesus said I will build my church.

3. Jesus said: If you do not believe that I am the Christ you will die in your sins! Jn.8:24

4. Others refer to this church as church of Christ!

B. Acts 2:47.

1. Jesus added the saved into the church.

2. Naturally, this church is the church of Christ.

3. Anyone cannot reason this way! Do not know the truth.

4. Thus this person is not saved!  John 8:31-32

C. Acts 20:28.

1. Christ bought the church with his own blood!

2. The name church of Christ denotes its rightful ownership!

3. Refer to this church with other name is either a thief or the devil himself!

D. Romans 16:16.

1. Apostle Paul made it simple for all!

2. Apostle Paul refers to the existing churches as churches of Christ!

E. Gal.1:22

    Paul again refers to churches in Judea as churches of Christ in Judea!

F. Col.1:18

1. Christ is the head of the church.

2. The church is the body of Christ.

3. Name of the body goes with the head as body of Christ! The church is church of Christ.

G. Eph.5:31-32

1. Paul said: Husband and wife, the two become one flesh is a profound mystery.

2. But he was talking about Christ and the church!

3. Christ is the husband.  Church is the wife of Christ!

4. Others refer to the wife of Christ as church of Christ!

H. 2Cor.11:2

1. The church is to be a pure virgin to Christ!

2. Refer to the church with name other than church of Christ makes her a whore!

3. No human on earth can make this kind of mistake!

*** Where come all churches that are not churches of Christ? Matt.13:1-43

    Buy a Bible and read these scriptures for yourselves!

    If you are not willing to do this, you are not worthy to know!

Conclusion: I will say these!

1. Is the name of your church in the Bible?

2. If the name of your church is not church of Christ you have to answer with a single NO!

3. Anything beyond NO is from the devil!  Jesus said this!  Not I!  Matt.5:37

4. Please, have mercy on yourself! Do not say church name is not important!

    Because this will show that you are not human!

    Unless there is one human willing to buy a billion U.S. dollar house all paid for and

    ask me to sign my name on the deed to this house!

    I do not believe this will happen in human history!

5. Please do not say there is mistake on the way I quoted these scriptures in this sermon!

    Because this will show that you do not know the truth!

    In turn this will show that you are not saved and who is your lord!

    Still remember the sermon I preached, the save will know the truth, on September 10, 2017?

6. I pray all human look for a church of Christ in their area and be a part of that church!

    Then America will be great again!  Peace on earth becomes a reality!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always!  Preach this November 19, 2017.




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