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Joel Osteen defender! 2

I am self-proclaim Joel Osteen defender!

Anyone does not like it can call 718-886-6396.

A. Besides Matt.7:1-2 human mathematic logic reasons Joel’s critics must stop immediately.

1. On youtube I found many "preachers" criticize Mr. Joel Osteen!

2. In the same time all say, Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church is the largest in America!

3. Human mathematic logic, the 2nd is not qualified to criticize the number 1st!

4. Lakewood Church has 16,000 seats full of people!  Any of his critics has a church seat 16,001?

5. Joel has over 50,000 listen to him in his church on weekend! Any of his critics has more?

6. Joel has 7 million weekly TV preaching viewers! Any of his critics has more?

7. If your church is not 16,001 or over seats, you are not qualified to criticize Joel!

B. Joel’s Lakewood church name is better on this earth!

1. It is much better than Grace Community Church!

2. It is better than all Pentecostal churches!

3. It is better than all Baptist church, 1st, 2nd or 3rd...Baptist churches!

4. It is better than all Presbyterian churches!

5. It is better than all Methodist churches!

6. It is better than Mormon church! It is better than Jehovah witness church.

7. It is much better than Orlando Christian Center!

8. It is better than all protestant churches!

C. All you need is read Lakewood Church in Cantonese!

1. Just read the English words as usual--> Lakewood Church!

2. In Cantonese this name means--> The truth and the life and the way!

    This fits what Jesus said in John 14:6

3. NIV Bible lines up this way--> The way and the truth and the life.

4. All of the above prove Joel has more positive impact on people than others!

5. Remember I am talking about body life on this earth!

6. I think people out there, include Joel’s critics, may not know human has 3 lives! 1Thes.5:23

7. Think about how many of the 7 million TV viewers get comforted by his sweet words!

8. Think about if these people hear sweet words from Psychiatrists would cost much more!

C. I hope not one Joel's critics say: How about the salvation of the soul?

1. So far, I have yet to find one Joel's critics know how to correctly handle John 3:16!

2. This is enough to know, Joel’s critics don’t have needed brain to know about the salvation of the soul!

3. No Joel’s critics criticize his being 99% agree with what Billy Graham preached is another proof!

4. I am 100% sure about the above item 3! I welcome anyone come look for me!

    As I always say, before you come, you must change your church name into church of Christ!

    Otherwise, you and I are different spices!

5. If you really want to know about the salvation of the soul, read John 3:1-16, Acts 2:36-38, 22:12-16!

6. After you are baptized for forgiveness of sins…. Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16

    You must be perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect! Matt.5:48

    Jesus said this!  Let not one say, this is impossible!  Doubt what Jesus said, can’t be saved!

    Here is a hint, if you really want to know!  Gal.3:27 and Col.3:3.

7. Then you will also know why I keep saying all the saved people are in the church of Christ!

D. A few words for Mr. Joel Osteen to consider if Lord willing he will see this!

1. The name Lakewood Church is much better than all Protestant churches on earth!

2. But this church name is not in the Bible!

    If one of my listeners get to ask you: Is the name of your church in the Bible?

3. You would be in much trouble!

    Because, you will 99% forget to immediately answer with a single word "no"!

4. You will try to explain...!  As soon as you say any other word!

    You would be in much trouble!  Because I taught them to quote Matt.5:37 on you!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always!  Preach this on October 22, 2017.





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