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Be a part of the March for righteousness!

2014 a 22 old university student suddenly went crazy, he shot dead 6 and wounded 14.

One of these 6 dead was a 20 year old Chinese student!

The mother wrote, she was tearfully thankful for lots of people came to comfort her!

But still she lives in tears all this time! Every day she thought about her beloved son, she cries!

September 11, 2017 News Paper reported.

Irma, the Hurricane killed 4 in Florida. But in Plano, Texas, a man shot dead 7 and wounded 2!

Suddenly here and suddenly there in America, and all over the world, someone went crazy…

This has become a way of life in America and in the world!

The lines that inspired me to write this sermon is this!

If we participate in the march for righteousness, many lives can be saved from the rule of darkness.

If we participate in the march for righteousness, little by little we make the world a better place.

For 200 years in America, the churches of Christ have been advocating a better world start with me!

100 years ago, many responded and America became a place people all over like to come live!

A. What does a better world start with me mean?

1. Start with me rise up to preach Mark 16:15-16 and Acts chapter 2.

2. This means help everyone around us to follow Jesus according what says in the Bible!

3. Everyone becomes a part of the church of Christ which Jesus promised to build. Matt.16:18

4. One church of Christ in America and around the world is the way!

5. Yes, we rise up to share the gospel of Christ! Col.1:13

    God rescues people from the rule of darkness and brought them into the church of Christ.

B. Jesus said: Upon this rock I will build my church! Matt.16:18

1. Jews believed Jesus is a great prophet and end up nailed him to the cross! Matt.16:13-14

2. Jesus wanted the world to believe he is the Christ! Matt.16:15-17

3. Jesus purchased the church with his own blood! Acts 20:28

4. Jesus is the Savior of his church! Eph.5:23

5. This rock is the confession that you believed Jesus is the Christ!

6. It is upon this belief that you repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins! Acts 2:38

7. This is how the Lord added you into the church that wears his own name! Acts 2:47

8. There is no other name under heaven on which people can be saved! Acts 4:12

C. 35 years ago!

1. A 15 years old boy became interested in following Jesus with us!

2. One day suddenly stopped coming to church! We went visit the family!

3. To us the mother said calmly: We worship idol we do not believe Jesus!

4. Not long after, news, one Sunday morning 3 a.m. a young man by his name shot dead in front of

    a bar near Columbia University. We checked the reported address of the young man. It was him!

5. If the mother did not stop him!  He would be safely sleeping 3 a.m. Sunday morning!

6. I am 120% sure he would wake up 8 a.m. and be in the church by 9:30 a.m. that Sunday!

7. All these years, I never forget! This young man could be helping preaching right now!

8. I do not know how his mother lives!  For me I still feel very sad whenever I thought about him!

D. Conclusion:

1. Be sure to know, religion is never a good solution!

2. Just remember how the nation of Pakistan was created!

3. British let India become independent! 

    Hindu believers and Islam believers start slaughtering each other, hundreds of thousands dead!

4. British had to go back separated them and designated a part of land become Pakistan!

5. Just remember, who are these human bombs in this world!

6. Just come to Flushing stand at the intersection of 41 Ave. and Main Street and see how people

    walk across the street!  You see 99.9% are lawlessness people!

7. With people like these, who will march for righteousness with you! It is hopelessness!

8. If you do not come follow Jesus with us! Be ready to suffer and be in hell forever!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always! Preach this September 17, 2017.




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