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How do you read John 3:15?

I tried to teach people in China to read these four Chinese words, ji du jiao hui!

They read ji du jiao, hui.  I want them to read ji du, jiao hui.

Because read ji du jiao, hui can’t make it to heaven.  Read ji du, jiao hui may end up in heaven!

Today let us learn this English Bible sentence in John 3:15!

‘Everyone who believes in him may have eternal life’!

Chinese translation--> jiao y qie xin ta de du de yong sheng!

Not one way you can read and be in heaven! Because the most important word was lifted!

Therefore, we can only learn to read the English sentence!

A. Read it this way can’t make it to heaven!

1. Too bad, all denomination people read it this way!

2. Everyone believes in him, may have eternal life!

3. This way nailed all of them securely in their salvation of the soul without water baptism!

4. This is against what Jesus said in Mark 16:16!

5. Against what Peter preached in Acts 2:38!

6. Against Paul’s personal testimony in Acts 22:16!

7. They quote Romans 10:9. Acts 11:18, 1 John 1:9 to support their belief!

8.  With absolute confidence they quote the saved thief on the cross as their teaching example!

    The secret to understand this one is Mark 2:10!

9. They are forever trapped in this Western invented spiritual death trap!

B. Read this way may make it to heaven!

1. Everyone believes, in him may have eternal life!

2. If you happened to read the word for word translation Bible, you get this!

    Everyone believing in him may have eternal life!

3. Believing is present continue tense!  To have eternal life one cannot stop believing!

4. It takes believing to stay in Christ to have eternal life!

5. Yes, read it this way--> Everyone believing, in him may have eternal life!

C. Make no mistakes on this one!

1. 2000 years ago Nicodemus already knew eternal life is in the kingdom of God!

2. Jesus taught him step by step on how to enter the kingdom of God to have eternal life!

3. Apostle Paul made it clear in Romans 6:23!  Eternal life is a gift of God in Christ!

4. Paul also taught us how to get into Christ!

    All of us are baptized into Christ! Gal.3:27

5. The saved are to be protected in the church of Christ!

    Jesus prayed: Holy Father protect them by the power of your name—

    The name you gave me—so that they may be one as we are one! John 17:11

6. Jesus promised to build his church! Matt.16:18

    Jesus promised: The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of Christ!

7. For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.Ac.4:12

D. Conclusion: We must read John 3:15 this way!

    Everyone believing, in him may have eternal life! (original text)

1. Believing Jesus is the Christ, you can repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins to enter into

    Christ to have eternal life! Gal.3:27, Acts 2:38

2. Eternal life is a gift of God. Eternal life is in Christ! Romans 6:23

3. Church is the body of Christ. Eph.1:22-23

4. The body of Christ is spiritual organization without visible form! Romans 12:5

5. Church of Christ is visible organization all eyes can see! 1 Cor.11:18

6. Whether one is in this church or not depends on whether he attend its worship!

    This is why forsake Sunday worship to God is a very serious matter! Heb.10:25-29

May the Lord bless you and keep you always! Preach this July16, 2017.









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