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Sin does not walk alone!

Main scriptures for this study: Matt.16:13-18

My new discovery: Matt.16:13-18 say the name of the church in the Bible is church of Christ!

Mimi is a first time Bible study lady, she understood this! 3:30 p.m. February 26, 2017.


1. Chinese saying: Woe does not walk alone luck does not arrive as a bundle.

    My discovery: Sin does not walk alone blessings do arrive as a bundle!

2. When the name of the church is not in the Bible a lot more is not in the Bible also!

A. Name of a church.

1. Now you can search the web to know lots of things!

2. You can search the web, a church that is not church of Christ.

3. You will find that church also has many other things not in the Bible!

4. Not one church that does not name church of Christ has only the church name is not in the Bible!

B. Such as United Pentecostal Church!

1. Is this church name in the Bible?

2. A loud and clear "NO" is the answer!

3. They offer sacrifice of praises to God in worship with music instruments!

4. Heb.13:15 says, offer sacrifice of praises to God use fruit of the lips!

5. Their argument is --> God did not forbid the use of music instruments!

6. They have no idea about these:

    This argument is a trodden God under foot.

    This argument is a counted God's word un-worthy to obey.

    This argument is a done despite to the Holy Spirit!

C. When the name of the church is not church of Christ!

1. The way they operate their church is not in the Bible.

2. The way they take the Lord’s supper is not in the Bible.

3. The way they teach about how the soul is saved is not in the Bible!

4. They don’t know the purpose of the book of Romans!

5. They have no idea about Christ is the end of the Old Testament! Romans 10:4

6. When comes to Romans chapter 10, all they know is verse 9-->

    Confess with your mouth and believe Jesus is Lord in your heart you are saved!

7. Why is it they can't discover verse 4 says, Christ is the end of Old Testament

8. Why is it they can't know Romans 10:9 is talking about the already saved saints. Ro.1:7!

D. When comes to look for a synonym word for divisive!

1. People can go on web and find more than ten different ways to say divisive.

    But they cannot find the most fitted word, denomination!

2. Why is it in the last 1500 years, the world collectively does not know divisive and factious synonym

    word is denomination!?

3. Because the whole world is under the control of Satan. 1 John 5:19

4. The god of this age has blinded their minds. 2Cor.4:4

E. Why didn’t they discover divisive and denomination is synonym collectively in the last 1500 years!

1. I discovered this in 30 some years of preaching!

2. I am in the church of Christ, they are in the line of rebellious generation!

3. God lay up sound wisdom for the righteous! Pro.2:7

4. Church of Christ is about righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! Ro.14:17

5. If you are in the church of Christ, blessings always arrive as a bundle!

6. Come join in search of righteousness, faith, love and peace with the pure heart people! 2Tim.2:22

7. Then you will know the truth and the truth will save your soul. Jn.8:31-32, James 1:21

8. Once your soul is saved, many other blessings for your body life on earth will arrive in bundle!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always!  Preach this March 5, 2017.


Video: English Cantonese – Recorded 3/5/17

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