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Identifying the one church in the Bible!

A. The name of the one church in the Bible is church of Christ.

1. Jesus said: Upon this rock I will build my church… Matt.16:18

2. Anyone does not believe he is the Christ will die in their sins! John 8:24

3. Peter preached: Let all the house of Israel therefore know assuredly, that God has made him both  

    Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.

4. This is why the name church of Christ not church of Jesus.

5. All the churches of Christ salute you. Romans 16:16

6. Apostle Paul said:  I was still unknown by face to the churches of Christ in Judea. Gal.1:22

B. Many saved people form one body in Christ.  Romans 12:5

1. Christ is the head of this body, the church. Col.1:18

2. Descriptive relation between church and Christ is --> Christ the head. Church his body!

3. In all situation the body does not have its own name. It goes with the head by name.

    Such as the head is Mr. Chan his body is Mr. Chan’s body!

4. It is a natural thing the body of Christ is the church of Christ!

C. A descriptive relation between Christ and the church-->

1. Christ is the husband. Church is wife of Christ. Eph.5:31-32

2, In all married couple relation we always refer to the wife as Mrs. The husband’s name!

3, Any other descriptive name given on the wife is an insult to the husband!

4. No man, not even wicked people do this!

5. This is why it is very hard for denomination people in America come to Christ for salvation!

6. Being a part of a church with a name that is not church of Christ is the utmost insult to Christ!

D. The way the church is formed! Acts 2:14-42

1. Preach God’s word recorded in the Bible. Acts 2:14-36

2. People listen, understand and believe Jesus is Lord and Christ. Acts 2:37

3. Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins… Acts 2:38

4. 3000 were baptized on that day. Acts 2:41

5. These baptized people met together for worship to God. Acts 2:42

6. Thus a church is formed.

E. There were different preachers, preached in different places!

1. In Judea churches were churches of Christ. In Rome churches were churches of Christ!

2. All resulted in preaching the same gospel of Christ!

3. Anyone preached the same gospel of Christ, he has to produce church of Christ.

4. Jesus made this clear in Luke 8:11!

    The seed is God’s word.  The field is human heart.

5. Same gospel seed sown in human heart has to produce the same churches of Christ!

6. In the first 500 hundreds years the gospel was preached and all produced churches of Christ!

7. Any church does not name church of Christ is the result of preaching a different gospel!

8. Paul said even that person is an angel he will still to go hell! Gal.1:8

9. I, John Chan, solemnly declared: Any church does not name church of Christ will all go to hell!

F. This simple question will expose all false preachers and all believers!

1. Is the name of your church in the Bible?

2. Try it for yourself!  It is so much fun! 

    Please tell everyone, Mr. John Chan taught you this! 

3. Ask all preachers, teachers, believers is the name of your church in the Bible?

4. Not one will say no!  They will try to explain or say something else!

5. By not give a no for answer, that person is from the devil! Matt.5:37

    Jesus said: Let your yes be yes and you no be no. Anything beyond this is from the devil!

6. This is why I can solemnly declare: Any church with a name not in the Bible will go to hell?

7. Praise the Lord and be thankful that you are here listening to this preaching!

May the Lord bless your and keep you always!  Preach this February 19, 2017.


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